BREAZE Letter Campaign to Catherine King

I urge our members and readers to support the #Stop Adani Ballarat current campaign aimed at convincing Ballarat Federal Member Catherine King to raise a motion at the 2018 ALP National Conference for the ALP to oppose the development of Guatam Adani's Carmichael Coal Mine in Queensland's Galilee Basin.

The campaign has involved regular Friday lunchtime assembly of Stop Adani protesters assembling outside Catherine King's Office seeking signatures on petitions and the hand delivery of letters to her office urging her to push for the ALP to form a policy of not supporting the Galilee Basin proposed new coal mining activities. See Stop Adani Website Campaign Information (or contact Alice Barnes 0455 247 006)

Ian Stop Adani

The BREAZE Board has submitted the following letter:

Tuesday 29 May 2018,

The Hon. Catherine King MHR
5 Lydiard Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350

Dear Catherine,
Re: ALP Federal Policy on Future Coal Mining in Australia

As you would be aware, BREAZE is a local not for profit non-politically aligned climate action group that has been taking local action for 11 years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve a safe climate for current and future generations.
The BREAZE Board urges you as our elected MHR (and as a respected and influential shadow cabinet member) to raise the issue of mining coal in the Queensland’s Galilee Basin at the 2018 ALP National Conference. We believe if an ALP policy position to not support new large scale mining of coal in Australia is adopted at the Conference, this will send a strong signal to Guatam Adani and Clive Palmer’s financiers that there is an unacceptable financial risk to proceed with large scale open cut coal mining due to the lack of support of the population and potentially a new Federal Government which will ensure compliance and take action on breaches of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) and other relevant federal legislation.

The justification for the ALP to adopt such a position includes:
1. The mining and burning of coal poses unacceptable direct health risk to workers within the mines, processing and furnaces from toxic gasses and inhaling particulate matter.
2. The number of jobs at risk associated with the demise of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is in excess of 69,000 which greatly exceeds any short term job opportunities created by the proposed mines and transport systems for the Galilee Basin coal export proposals. (The proposed handling and transport of the coal places a direct threat to the Great Barrier Reef, while the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the coal mining and combustion will negate any worldwide attempts to contain projected CO2 levels to less than 400 parts per million, thus resulting in the accelerated acidification and warming of our oceans killing the GBR within our lifetime.)
3. The proposed open cut mining requires allocation of significant water extraction rights and has the potential to result in the pollution of both surface and ground waters. The impact on agribusiness is likely to be significant at a time when a changing climate and declining water quality is already negatively impacting on our primary industries.
4. The ALP already has policies for the support of renewable energy, national energy market reforms and energy efficiency initiatives. This is known to align with the majority of Victorian’s polled opinions, whereas the establishment of new coal mines and coal fired power stations is contrary to the majority view.

 In closing, I would ask you to consider what you and your shadow cabinet colleagues wish to be remembered for in future years, when the Galilee Basin Coal mining issue and loss of the Great Barrier Reef will be considered far more critical to future generations than the Fraser Island Sand Mining and Gordon Below Franklin Dam issues that were prevented by weight of popular opinion and outrage.

BREAZE board members would welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues and provide the supporting evidence in order for a draft policy position to be prepared ahead of the ALP National Conference.

Yours sincerely

Ian Rossiter
President BREAZE

 As the "Super Saturday" bi-elections are being held on the proposed date for the ALP National Conference in July, we understand the event will  be delayed meaning there's time for more letters to be sent to:

The Hon. Catherine King MHR

post or hand deliver to: 5 Lydiard Street North Ballarat VIC 3350