Waste to Energy

Bioenergy 2018 06 20

RSA LogoIt feels like it has been "Waste to Energy Week" at BREAZE.

We have had two very successful events regarding waste to energy.      The first was organised by BREAZE on behalf of the Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat (RSAB).     It was interesting to get all the latest information from the panel and some audience members.    The session was livestreamed and can be seen on BREAZE's facebook page.

The second event was part of our monthly presentations at the library.   At this event Andrew Lang concentrated on the BioMass aspect of renewable enegry.    The BioMass aspect of renewable energy has been generally "overlooked" in Australia.   Andrew explained how Biomass is used in other countries and how it applies to Australia.   This event was also livestreamed on the Smart Living Ballarat - Facebook