We Can Help You Get Off Gas !!!

The Sustainable Energy Future is All Electric !!! Because it will be the more economic choice ...

Mains Gas has been a lower cost alternative to Electricity for Space Heating, Water Heating and Cooking for decades ... and the arrival of the reticulated Mains Gas Network in small regional towns something to celebrate ... not any more... Mains Gas is no longer cheaper, no longer necessary and no longer something to celebrate ...

Mains Gas is no longer cheaper:

Australian Gas is committed to Export Contracts putting upward pressure on the Domestic Price.

Further, the Daily Service to Property Charge is an increasing proportion of the total cost of both mains electricity and mains gas. You cannot be free of that Service Charge by using less energy; the only way is to disconnect.  Disconnecting from the mains electricity network is impractical due to our reliance on electricity appliances -- so Getting Off Gas is the only option !!!

Mains Gas is no longer necessary:

* We can build 9 to 10 Star Houses that require no heating or cooling. People rarely believe me when I say this, exclaiming "Maybe elsewhere, but not in Ballarat !!!". I reply that I have been in a super-insulated StrawBale House in Buninyong that never gets colder than 18 Degrees in Winter nor hotter than 25 Degrees in Summer with no heating or cooling. Now existing housing stock built to lower standards does require heating - but this can be done more sustainably and economically using electricity to run Reverse-Cycle Air-Conditioners on Heating Mode or Heat Pump Hot Water Systems to provide Hydronic Heating. Or using a Wood-fire you fuel yourself.

* Solar Hot Water can provide up to 75% of your Domestic Hot Water needs. It requires some boosting in Winter, and that could be Gas, but it could also be Electricity. A Heat Pump Hot Water System is all Electric (but 3 Times as efficient as an old style Tank with an Electric Element). No need for Gas.

* Many people prefer Gas Cooktops because they repond quickly when the heat is turned up or down ... but now Electric Induction Cooktops (as opposed to typical Electric Resistence models) have a response time as fast as Gas ... and use only 70% as much power as Resistence Models.

So Mains Gas is no longer something to celebrate:

Gas is a polluting fossil fuel, it is not cheaper, it does nothing electricity cannot do, and requires that you pay a Daily Service to Property Charge for a second unnecessary energy utility ... why would you want to pay twice ?!?!?

And finally: electric appliances can be run using Wind or Solar Power that you generate on site giving you (not the Power Company) control of the price ...

Not convinced ???

I encourage you to visit the websites of Australian Non-Profit Organiztions Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) and the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) to read about their independent research into the economics of Getting of Gas ...

If you are convinced and want our help, contact a Consultant today ... see the Contact Details in the Left Column ...


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