MARS Australia has officially launched the largest commercial roof-mounted Solar Array in Ballarat featuring innovative ground-mounted Solar Trackers.

Conergy secured the 210kWp Mars Australia Solar Project and selected BREAZE Energy Solutions as the project manager of installation services.  Conergy's in-house Engineers designed the system and supplied the quality solar components for BREAZE Energy Solutions to install at the Ballarat factory site.

Acting Mars General Manager, Mr Duncan Webster said “This solar photovoltaic installation will reduce energy consumption by 280MW/h per annum, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 350 tonnes a year and provide net energy cost savings of $50,000 a year.”

The Conergy Solar Project delivers an innovative solution to reducing the Mars Ballarat factory operating costs keeping them competitive in the local market while continuing to produce the highest quality chocolate.
Key features of the Mars solar installation include:Mars Photo Downsized Compressed

  • Conergy German-made panels, providing high yields even in diffused light and positive performance tolerance of up to +4.99Wp, backed by a superior linear performance warranty term of 25 years.
  • Rooftop mounting system rated to withstand cyclonic conditions.
  • Two 6kW solar tracking systems, guaranteeing up to 45% higher system yields.
  • Three phase inverter system, providing high yield performance in the field.
  • High performance monitoring system, ensuring optimum tracking of power output throughout the year.
  • Minimal maintenance, further reducing operating costs.  
  • The largest roof-mounted Solar Array in Ballarat.
  • The largest Solar System on a Commercial Business in Ballarat.

Conergy selected BREAZE due to their vast amount of local knowledge and experience and long-term support of Conergy product.  Conergy and BREAZE Energy Solutions are delighted to have helped such a major contributor to Ballarat's economy go solar and save.
Conergy and BREAZE Energy Solutions would like to thank the following local businesses for the fantastic work they did to deliver the project: Nagel Electrics, Ross Proud & Associates, Taydan Sheetmetal and PM Builders.

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