Rode RAGE - 30th August 2017 update

Team low resDear Friends of Rode RAGE,

Apologies for the sparsity of updates this year ... we could give a whole bunch of excuses, but everyone is busy.  We didn't get them done, and we are sorry.

But it certainly has been a massive year so far both in terms of expansions of our team and in terms of results on the tracks.  A quick recap of our teams for those unfamiliar...

Frodo is our open aged team which are committed to regular, intense training and who work very hard to complete as many laps as possible at each event aiming to finish in the Top 10 at each race (two years ago we were lucky to be in the Top 25) .... whilst still operating within the the team motto that "We would rather make a friend than win a race ... but we try to do both"

Bilbo ... is our open aged team which provides opportunities for those trying to get into the Frodo team as well as those who aren't so committed to training but enjoy participating at events and just want to maintain a good base level of fitness.

Gandalf .... started out as our "old people" (Over 35) team but this year with so many young people wanting to participate the oldies have stepped back to create another team for our younger less experienced riders to help them learn and grow.

Superchicks ... is our school aged all girls team.

Superdudes ... is our school aged all boys team.

Results so far this year:

Biggest achievement has been bringing together over 100 young people from all over Victoria and SA for thousands of hours in workshops and in training and many hundreds of hours in competition without a single injury whilst learning many practical life lessons and making lots of new friends and deepening existing friendships.... also...

Casey Fields 6 Hour Race Feb: Frodo 2nd
                                                      Bilbo 8th
                                                      Superchicks 2nd
                                                      Gandalf  21st

Wonthaggi 24 hour race March: Frodo 11th
                                                           Bilbo .... very disappointing race with many problems to overcome ... 54th
                                                           Superchicks 2nd
                                                            Gandalf 35th
Mt Gambier 8 hour race April: Frodo 7th
                                                        Bilbo 12th
                                                        Superchicks 1st all female team ... beat all bar 2 of the boys teams as well.
                                                        Gandalf  24th
Loxton 6 Hour Race May: Frodo 3rd
                                               Bilbo 26th
                                               Superchicks 1st

Adelaide 6 hour Race June: Frodo 6th
                                                  Bilbo 20th
                                                  Suoerchicks 1st
                                                   Superdudes 2nd
Dimboola 6 hour expo July: The town of Dimboola is working towards their own event so we assisted the local Council by conducting a training session on their proposed track in                                                         February and then 4 vehicles in a HPV expo along with several other schools.  No results were kept... just a trial event for learning purposes.
Adelaide 6 hour race July: Frodo 6th
                                                Bilbo 27th
                                                Superchicks 1st
                                                Superdudes 2nd

Yet to come this year:

Next week we again head of to Maryborough in Qld to compete in the Fraser Coast Technology Challenge with all kinds of learning and fun along the way.
September will see 4 teams again at Murray Bridge for a 24 Hour HPV event.

Throughout this time we have again been mentoring several local primary schools and building / maintaining vehicles and providing advice for about 20 other schools to help them develop their programs and we have continued or diversion of organic waste from landfill to our worm farm including a new partnership with local family business Paper Freight.

2018 .... we are in the Planning stages of Euro Rode RAGE 18 through Europe to volunteer with Care4Calais, a frontline support organisation for refugees.  We will be distributing food, clothing, toiletries and other essential items to displaced people from all over the world (mostly Middle East and North Africa) who are living in the bush around northern France and Belgium unable to go on or back ... and not really able to stay where they are.

Whilst there, we will also be visiting a number of significant battlefields and memorials to learn more and to give thanks to those who gave so much so that we may have so much.

We have saved a few places for friends we haven't met yet so please let us know if you know of anyone who may be interested in joining us.

Thanks again so much for your support and encouragement and the contribution you have made to the growth and learning of so many young people.

Best Wishes,

Tony Davidson

Adelaide 2016


Team low res