Smart Building and Living Expo

FORP 2019 promo imageCome to the Smart Building and Living Expo - Sunday  24th February 10am - 3.30pm

This is the 6th year of BREAZE attending this event, and along with Sustainable Building, Designing and Smart Living advice, transport, this year the feature is All Things E!

Do you have, or know of a sustainable business, trade or product that is helping change the way we live and build, or fighting the War on Waste? There is still time to register for a site at the Expo!


GCWWRRC -Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery - recycling, waste, composting and more
Can Do Communities - are you making a difference in your community? BREAZE, Repair Cafe, Boomerang Bags, Buninyong Community Collective and More in the hall.
Electric Vehicles - cars, bikes, motorbikes and associated infrastructure
SustainableBuilding - architects, builders, windows, structural products, insulation, retrofitting, blinds, solar and batteries
Lifestyle - e-bikes, plants, clothing, household, personal products, health, education, waste, and food.

This year BREAZE will have a display of their current projects, and will encourage people to sign up and fight for action on the climate emergency.

Contact Andrea or 0427 338 482 if you have a group of business who would like to be there with us, or just get them to register, via the button below!