Rode RAGE 2016 kicks off

2016 03 RODERageTeamDear Friends of Rode RAGE;

Well 2016 has gotten off to a fantastic start.

  • Participating in the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Ride24Research 24 hour ride around (and around and around...) the Sebastopol velodrome.  Collectively we rode many thousands of kms and raised many thousands of dollars for local cancer research. (photos attached).... It started with your typical very cold and wet Ballarat weather but the hardy crew pushed on and we were able to make lots of new friends from outside the HPV community and make a significant contribution to a great community effort.
  • Last weekend at Casey Fields (photos attached) we achieved our best ever race result in open age competition finishing 4th overall from 84 entrants and improving our distance by over 40km over the 6 hours of the race from last year.  Also at this event we unveiled our new All Female team which brought a real buzz to our pits with a fantastic group of girls coming together as if they had known each other for years and finishing 2nd in their category.  We were also able to introduce a whole new generation of younger students into community racing and our Nemo team finished a very creditable 34th with lots of fun and learning had and experience gained.
    It was also very pleasing that (apart from a flat tyre from clipping a barrier in the very first lap) all 3 teams got safely through the 6 hours with no crashes.
  • Our organic waste collection program continues to grow saving local businesses thousands of dollars each year, local rate payers save on landfill costs and the planet saves around 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.  Plans are now afoot to replicate the program in Bendigo and SE Melbourne ...and then hopefully every population centre we can get to.

And so much more to come:

  • Wonthaggi 24 hour race in 3 weeks,
  • then 2 weeks later an 8 hour race in Mt Gambier that kicks off the SA Super Series follwed by races in Loxton, Adelaide x 2 and Murray Bridge.
  • We also have a big trek up to Maryborough Qld to participate in the RACQ Technology Challenge and
    finish the racing year off with the RACV Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough Victoria ....
  • Preparations for our 3rd Khmer Rode RAGE to again volunteer with our friends at the Cambodian Children's Trust and the Wilderness Friends Foundation Thailand.

    ... so not much time for rest .... but lots of learning, fun and friendships ahead.

From everyone at Rode RAGE, thanks again so much for the contributions you make to allowing all these amazing adventures.

Best wishes,

Tony Davidson