Another big month in Rode RAGE ...and an even bigger one ahead

Team june 2018Dear Friends of Rode RAGE,

We have fundraised, we have collected donations, we have raced, we have made new friends, we have learned heaps .... and Sunday our EuroRR group gets on a plane to Paris :)

Trivia Night ... was a great success with much fun had and significant funds raised to continue our programs and those of our friends at Ballarat Solo Competition. Our thanks to PT for putting on another great night out.

AIPP Super Series Round 3.... Again the weather Gods gave us many challenges to ADIMOV (Adapt-Improvise-Overcome) but this was done with the usual team spirit and smiles.
Our Open Aged "Frodo" team did really well to finish 4th overall and within touching distance of 3rd. So more training, more trike development and we are hoping to establish ourselves as regular Top 3 finishers.
Our school aged girls team "Trixi" continued their domination of the country adding another Category win to their wins in Melbourne, Loxton and Mt Gambier so far this year and in Queensland late last year. Orianna also recorded the fastest lap for the Category.
Our school aged boys team also did very well finishing 3rd in their category and Ty recording the fastest lap in Category ..... and our Open aged "Bilbo" team which has our very young development riders and our older social riders team rode many laps, gained much experience and had much fun.

PhatrixEuroRR.... this Sunday 12 team members will head to Europe to tour the battlefields and memorials of WWI and WWII to give thanks to those who gave so much so that we may have so much. This will include the Normandy beaches, The Western Front, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden and a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. We will also be volunteering with Mobile Refugee Support and Care4Calais which both provide support to the thousands of refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan etc currently stranded around Calais ad Dunkirk. Our group has been gathering clothes, shoes, sleeping bags etc to take over to donate as well as a cash donation. We will help with the preparation and distribution of donations from all around the world, provide a generator for refugees to charge their mobile phones to contact families and immigration authorities ... and just generally provide friendly faces to play frisbee/cricket with and just chat to practice English skills and fraternity to people who are far from a home that no longer exists or is just too dangerous and who are mostly traveling on their own.

AIPP Super Series Round 4... will be on in Adelaide a week after we get home and we have 3 teams entered.

For those interested, there will be daily updates with short videos and photos on starting from Monday or Tuesday next week.

Thanks from all of us to all of you for making all this possible.

Best Wishes,

Tony Davidson