Ballarat Green Drinks June

Thursday 6th JuneElectric Cars Green Drinks
Time  7:00pm 
Venue: The Main Bar

Electric Cars in Ballarat
at Green Drinks in June

'Electric Cars in Ballarat' is an introduction to electric car use in Ballarat over the next 5 years.

Presented by electric car owner and enthusiast, Jason Panosh.

General headerWhat electric cars are/ will be available in Ballarat in the next 5 years.
What infrastructure does Ballarat need to support electric cars.
What infrastructure do you need to charge / maintain electric cars
What are the advantages of electric cars?
What are the costs of electric cars?
What is "range anxiety" and how does it apply to Ballarat users?

Green Drinks is held at The Main Bar, 28 Main Rd, Bakery Hill on the first Thursday of every month. This event is held on Thursday the 6th June. Speakers from 7:30 pm and meals and drinks from 6 pm. Green Drinks is a non-political "get together" of like minded people from a variety of backgrounds. It is a way for people with a background or interest in sustainability and the environment to meet socially