Green Drinks

Green Drinks LogoJoin us on the FIRST Thursday of each month @7pm

Where Main Bar Ballarat

Next Event :-  6th September, 2018

Green drinks is a non political "get together" of like minded people from a variety of backgrounds.    Typically we have a short presentation and then get together for a chat.   It is a way for people interested in sustainability and the environment to meet socially. Ballarat Green Drinks is a subsidiary of the world wide “Green Drinks” movement

Sustainable House Day

SHDRevised logoAs part of Sustainable House Day in Ballarat, we are organising a brief talk on sustainable house design.  

Autumn HouseWe are also inviting several architects, designers, builders etc to come along so they can answer your questions on designing / building your environmentally friendly house.    The people who are opening their houses on Sustainable House Day have also been invited.   

Come along and find out what is happening with sustainable housing in Ballarat, and talk to the experts!