Green Drinks 1st November - State Elections

Green Drinks LogoWe need you!

We have invited representatives from the major parties to answer a series of questions regarding the environment with a focus on the Ballarat area.   If you want the parties to take the environment seriously then we need you to support our efforts to engage with the politicians.    We are preparing a series of questions that we are putting to our representatives.     As well as getting their views and ideas it is critical at this stage to show our overwhelming support to the environmental movement at the local level.  

So Join us for GREEN Drinks

on Thursday 1st November, 2018 from 7pm

at the Main Bar Ballarat

to Support BREAZE and support the environment in the upcoming state election.

So come early for a chat and grab something to eat and a drink.

Green drinks is a non political "get together" of like minded people from a variety of backgrounds.    Typically we have a short presentation and then get together for a chat.   It is a way for people interested in sustainability and the environment to meet socially. Ballarat Green Drinks is a subsidiary of the world wide “Green Drinks” movement