Format your information for the web site

If you would like BREAZE to publish an article for you, about an event or a project relevent to the Ballarat region, related to sustainability, renewable energy or climate issues, please help out our time poor volunteers by adhereing to these formatting rules:

  1. Your content

    • In Plain text, links separated, formatting noted.
      eg. The ATA -
      This is important (in bold)

    • A Title (short, 2 to 5 words)

    • Brief description / summary / call to action (about 100 words)

    • Details of the article or event
  2. Your Image

    • jpg, gif, png

    • under 1mb, optimised for web if possible ( has free optimising)

    • Straight from your camera will be too big for the web, you will need to edit it with imaging software - eg MS Paint, or free online resources.
    • size about 800px (no bigger than 1000px) (no smaller 400px x 300px)

    • 4:3 image ratio, so 800px x 600px is good (Auto crops to 400x300 on the web site, smaller on other devices
      - So banner images are not suitable.