Repair Cafe

1pm - 4pm at the Ballarat Technical School

Special December opening

Repair Cafe  time and location

14th December




 The Ballarat Repair cafe is now open for business - hooray! Bring us your broken, your stuck, your wobbly, and we'll do our best to get them back into operation again. All work is done for free by skilled volunteers offering 'best effort' repairs, but no work is guaranteed. Cash donations are invited. Tea and coffee on offer while you wait. Due to the use of hazardous tools etc, children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult. Items must be small enough to be carried by one person, and must be removed at the end of the repair. Hooray for us all; doing what we can to reduce waste! :D


Repair Cafe is a worldwide movement where volunteer fixers share their skills with those who bring in broken items - a relatively simple idea that could have drastic environmental impact.

The Repair Cafe is an affiliated Group of BREAZE