Green Energy Talk - Smart Living for June 2020

2020 June SLB talk Peter ReidDate: Wednesday 17th June
Time: 12.30 - 1.30 pm
Exclusively live-streamed online at

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In this free presentation, Peter Reid will look at what 'Green Energy' choices really look like for ordinary people. What does it mean to choose 'Green Energy' and how do we make meaningful choices in a retail energy environment where confusion is seemingly encouraged and energy efficient upgrade paths are littered with techno jargon and excessive sales spin?

Peter Reid, through his engineering experience and work with BREAZE, has built up an enormous and practical understanding of the electricity market and usage in Australia. 

In this talk, Peter will explain your current bill, consumption patterns and options available with emphasis on Green power.  He will also explain the concept and availability of "Co op" power.

We will be taking and encouraging questions as part of this presentation.