Adapting to the New Climate Reality

ClimateRealityLogoClimate change is here. Ballarat is becoming warmer. Rainfall is decreasing. Our cities, people and environments are under pressure. 

Reducing our carbon footprint will reduce the longer term impacts of climate change but in the near term we need to adapt to a new climate reality. So, 

  • What are the most urgent local problems facing Ballarat in a warming climate ?
  • How can we work as individuals and as a community so that constructive changes are made— not simply talked about?

Through a series of events over the next 18 months, BREAZE and BEN, in conjunction with a range of other organisations such as the Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat (RSAB) will develop a series of public forums identifying key topics for discussion and action. These will complement the current work of DELWP, CFA and other government organisations which are developing Climate Change adaptation plans for their specific areas of responsibility.

The first Forum will be on Sunday 10th November at the Ballarat Mechanics Institute and will examine the heightened bush fire risks in our new climate reality.

Other forums will include

  • WATER Implications for water supplies, food production and growing communities
  • HEAT/HEALTH Protecting people from extreme heat situations and other health impacts
  • ENERGY Making our energy systems more secure to cope with extreme conditions
  • NATURE Protecting our natural environment, plants and wildlife

We believe these forums and associated discussions will create a valuable opportunity for the community, businesses and organisations to understand a problem that has been put in the too hard basket.

We need you.
Discussion—and action—is critical.

We need support and participation from people wearing both their professional hats as health workers, teachers, firefighters etc AND as citizens. These forums are intended to create a strong community voice that shows we understand the perils we face with global warming and then makes it clear to all our representatives that urgent action is now imperative. This won’t happen without a strong, persistent community voice.
How can you help ?
Take an active role with these forums inside your professional organisations. We are developing partnerships with many local bodies.
Consider what local knowledge you might have that can contribute to a public understanding of the effects of global heating. Please contact us to include this information in our reports
Do you have ideas for “solutions” ?   Again we welcome thoughtful input to these conversations. Don’t be shy.
Come to the Forums. Bring your friends and family. Turning up, taking part is the first critical step. Please take it.
Can you help?  As usual this is a volunteer run program. We welcome more willing hands.
Promote these events and outcomes in your networks and to the broader community.

We look forward to your support and active participation in this community initiative.