Grampians Renewable Energy Program

In May 2020 the Victorian State Government announced a grant of $450,000 to install solar and battery generated power at eight community buildings and sites, to 'enhance the Ballarat community’s assets, create jobs, reduce energy costs, maximise savings and reduce emissions at a local level.' The eight projects were identified and developed by Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions Inc (BREAZE) through Ballarat’s Community Power Hub to benefit Ballarat and the wider region.

          • Child and Family Services (CAFS) received $30,000 to install solar systems to to reduce energy costs enabling savings to be directed into community programs. In addition
          • McCallum Disability Services received $70,000 to install solar on eight social housing sites for people with disOCA  CAGrove launch 9 7 2021abilities to reduce their energy costs.
          • Ballarat Regional Industries received $35,000 to install solar to offset energy costs for workshop site for disability services provider and enhance job opportunities.
          • Ballarat Cemetery Trust received $80,000 to install battery to provide power to crematorium during power outages.
          • Ballarat Table Tennis Association received $35,000 to install a solar system to offset costs and provide better facilities for members.
          • Ballarat Squash and Racquetball Club received $25,000 to install a 20 kW solar system to offset costs and provide better facilities for members.
          • The Old Colonists' Association received $75,000 to install solar on twelve social housing sites for low socio-economic pensioners - actually installed solar on 37 units, and the Community Centre with additional funds from a Bank Australia Impact Grant.
          • Uniting Care Australia received $100,000 to install solar systems on UnitingCare social housing in Ballarat and Western Victoria to reduce energy costs for low-income households - originally committed for 15 properties but actually delivered installations on 49 properties.

 Completed in September 2021 the Grampians Renewable Energy program, co-administered by BREAZE Inc. in partnership with DELWP Ballarat staff, delivered 384.16kW of rooftop solar  across 105 properties and a 27.6kWH battery. This Program overdelivered on the 42 properties originally envisaged for the $450,172 investment.

Steering Committee for Old Colonists' Association Inc. Retirement Village solar installation – 37 units and the community centre – OCA volunteer committee and BREAZE volunteers - front row L-R: OCA President, Jo Barber, DELWP Grampians Regional Manager, Katherine Campbell and BREAZE Project Coordinator, Peter Reid (OAM).