Mollongghip - Lille Skov



  • lille skovContemporary, 8 star, 4 bedroom family home with study and studio, situated in 20 acres of eucalypt forest. BAL 29, Environmental Significance Overlay.
  • Orientated North to maximise sun exposure for solar array and passive heating.
  • Passive heating through extensive thermal mass.
  • Maximum allowable glazing to the north to allow deep sun penetration in winter.
  • Minimal glazing to the south to minimise heat loss in winter.
  • Solar track modelling to determine eave positioning and widths to prevent sun penetration in summer and maximise penetration in winter.
  • Windows and doors positioned to allow cross ventilation for passive cooling.
  • Air lock entry to prevent heat loss/gain.
  • Stand alone 11kW solar power system. PV with battery storage.
  • On site waste water treatment and irrigation system.

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  • Rain water harvesting and storage for all water requirements.
  • Sustainably grown and harvested, locally milled BAL 29 compliant Australian hard wood timber cladding. Unpainted or treated for zero maintenance .
  • Certified, Engineered Timber frame construction.
  • 240mm Walls are designed to accommodate 200mm of insulation, foils and thermal breaks.
  • Powder coated high U value thermally broken aluminium double glazed window units and doors.
  • Insulated slab and extra thermal mass built in (Large kitchen Island, fire place hearth with block wall) for passive heating.
  • High efficiency appliances
  • Sanden Heat Pump hot water service.
  • Super efficient Chimenee Philppe 873 low emission wood heating and Australian made 4 oven wood fired cooker.
  • The wood heating and cooking make use of the products of the sustainable forest management of lille skov.
  • Hyper insulated and Sealed building envelope.
  • No Air Conditioning
  • Non toxic finishes throughout.
  • High water efficiency tap and sanitary ware. Toilets are Ifö, self imported from Sweden
  • All custom LED lighting fixtures from Ambience Lighting.
  • Ceiling fans
  • No tiles, no plaster.
  • OSB timber lining finished with water-based no VOC clear finish.
  • All joinery is manufactured locally from E zero MDF and Particle board.
  • Paving and landscaping from residual materials of the house siting.

We worked with Ballarat renewable energy and zero emissions co op. (BREAZE) to develop and install our stand alone power system and our hot water demands.