SLB - Talks Chooks Goats Pigs and Ducks

Sustainability Workshops - 16th October logoTime: 12.30pm to 1.30pm  
Venue: Eastwood Leisure Complex, 20 Eastwood St, Ballarat Central


Live streamed on Facebook

Are you thinking about getting some chooks for the backyard, but are concerned about how to house and feed them? Have you heard how great goats are at keeping the the noxious weeds at bay and wondered how to go about keeping them? What are the current local laws around keeping pigs and ducks - is that even allowed where you live? What is this notion of Regenerative Farming and how can I go about it?
These are the types of questions that will be answered and explored in this informative talk and discussion about small-scale livestock farming. Hosted by three veterans of the local farming scene: Kate Serrurier from Cremona Hillside Farm, Jodie Finnigan from Elcarim Farm and Natalie Hardy-Hurst from Brooklands Free Range Farm, this event will bust the myths and present the facts about doing chooks, goats, pigs & ducks in your backyard.