Social Solar by BREAZE

McCallumGood for the Environment: Great for the Community

Social Solar by BREAZE uses donations and grants to supply solar panels and/or solar hot water or batteries, to not-for-profit community organisations. This results in more renewable energy in our region, reduced emissions and social justice—which is exactly what BREAZE Inc.stands for.

Our first project was 30kW of solar panels for Ballarat Regional Industries' (BRI) Walker Street factory. BRI estimate that the savings they will make from their reduced electricity costs will allow them to employ up to three more people with disabilities. This is a terrific social bonus on top of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions — the key positive environmental outcome. This project is now complete.

Our second project, called One Dollar for One Watt, was a collaboration with social housing providers to put solar panels and/or solar hot water on suitable properties. This is an ongoing project where we ask other organisations and groups to fund raise on behalf of BREAZE. For details about fund raising for the project, then then please read our Fundraising Information.
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Since 2016 BREAZE has contributed 67kW  of Social Solar. We'd love to make that 100kW by the end of 2020.  If your business or employer is keen to make a difference let them know about our Social Solar program - check out our fund-raising link and get in touch. 

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